Chinese Calligraphy – resources to consider - links to other websites

Looking to do some Chinese writing / calligraphy with your class, school, after-school club?  Then create your session using these links and resources to ensure the children are engaged in its history, beauty and the technique involved.


Why not check out the following links:


Want to understand more about Chinese calligraphy?  Read the Asia Society’s excellent short article about Calligraphy, its history and how it is used today.  There is also useful information and resources on the Chinavoc website.


Practising calligraphy in class:   If practising, why not avoid using messy ink and use magic water brushes: 


Doing it for real:  Purchase brushes, ink and paper from Guanghwa Books (UK) or Oriental Art Supply (USA)


How to write the strokes correctly:  Why not use Arch Chinese website which includes animated demonstrations.


Watch a calligrapher in action:  A video from the Asian Art Museum: 


Books: This Chinese Calligraphy Introduction Aesthetic Technique is seen as a classic for beginners interested in Calligraphy.

My First book Chinese Calligraphy is ideal for younger children.

Mandarin in a Flash are excellent sets of flash cards which also have stroke orders of characters.


Lesson Plan: