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Macmillan–FLTRP Chinese Character Dictionary w/ CD-Rom:  A recommended supplement for Macmillan’s Discover China course  (see Chinese Staffroom Independent Review) , the Macmillan–FLTRP Chinese Character Dictionary is a reference for beginner to intermediate learners of Mandarin Chinese. Unlike the majority of such reference works, this dictionary focuses first on individual characters – it is a 字典 rather than a 词典 – before detailing how each character combines with others to form compound words.

Each entry begins with the head character in large print, along with a stroke order illustration, stroke count and highlighting of the radical. Definitions are given for the character in isolation, and followed by example words, phrases and sentences for each sense in which the character is used.

Definitions then follow for the remainder of the most common words that begin with the head character, with other words that feature the character cross-referenced to their respective entries on other pages.

What does the Dictionary offer to learners?

-          Over 3,000 of the most frequently used characters in everyday Chinese communication

-          Over 32,000 common words and expressions drawn from the HSK proficiency test

-          Easy-to-use pinyin and radical indexes

-          Clear stroke order, stroke number and radical information for every entry

-          Comprehensive pinyin and tonal information for every character, word and example sentence

-          Interactive CD-Rom, which contains interactive software which provides flashcard functions for language practice, My Character Bank for review, stroke-order animations, recordings of pronunciations, and more.  More information about this title can be found at

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