USA: Chinese Language Learning in the Early Grades - A Handbook of Resources and Best Practices for Mandarin Immersion

Are you looking for best practise and resources for teaching early years Mandarin Chinese teaching?

The Asia Society has released an excellent new book (available as a free download): Chinese Language Learning in the Early Grades based on US Mandarin immersion programmes.

Chinese immersion programs are among the fastest-growing areas of language education in American schools. Research shows that immersion is an especially effective method for language acquisition: they result in high levels of proficiency at relatively low cost. Immersion students gain proficiency in a new language without any detriment to progress in their native language or to subject matter achievement.

The handbook advocated immersion programs starting in kindergarten (pre-school) or first grade (reception Primary) when they provide ample time within a student’s academic career for the development of oral and written proficiency in Chinese.

The handbooks addresses the following questions:

·         Which type of program model is most suited to Chinese immersion: Most or all of the school day taught in Mandarin, a fifty-fifty division between Chinese and English, or some other distribution of time?

·         What are the qualifications for teaching in Chinese immersion? Where can we find highly qualified teachers? What does high-quality Chinese immersion instruction look like?

·         What curricula and instructional materials are already available for Chinese immersion?

·         How might we approach literacy development in Chinese?

A free download is available here.


Lesson Plan: