Jin Bu Resources - On Study Stack

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Gina Jamieson is the coordinator and Mandarin teacher at Djanogly Academy’Confucius Classroom.

Background:  Gina uses a great website called Study Stack which allows teachers to input data (ie, Chinese vocab) and it automatically converts it in to games, worksheets, crosswords and flashcards.

Gina uses both Jin Bu books to teach Chinese and has inputted vocab for both  Jin Bu 1 (JB1) and Jin Bu 2 (JB2) (the Chinese and the English) to create ‘study stacks’.  To

Where can I find them?  The links are provided in the attached document.

What can the be used for?  You can test pupils on their knowledge of each topic, scrolling down will take you to rows of icons which will take you or your students to a variety of games and activities that test the students on the same topic-vocabulary.  These are wonderful as starters and plenaries.  The ‘print’ objection allows you to print the vocabulary off as flashcards, although the Chinese itself does not print so you will have to fill these in yourself.