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UK Book Review - Starting in Chinese & Counting in Chinese Series

Tags: Language
Author: Vivian Tang  www.monkeysee-monkeydo.com
Price: £4.99 per book (£14.97 for 3 book series)
Available from:  CME Books Europe.  www.chinesemadeeasy.co.uk 
Reviewer: Jenny Lin, Mandarin Chinese teacher specialising in early years tuition.
Resource Description
Range of 3 books in the series:
Starting In Chinese Book 1 & 2:
This picture board book introduces root characters that form words in the Chinese language.

Improve Knowledge About Language (KAL) and Language Learning Strategies (LLS) in your Chinese lessons: some activities to use

Who should use this resource? Are you a teacher looking to include more MFL teaching best practise in your classroom? Are you a teacher looking for  practical resources to improve Knowledge About Language (KAL) and Language Learning Strategies (LLS) amongst the children in your classroom?

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival - Scheme of Work (no 3 in a series)

This SoW, downloadable below with other worksheets and video/audiopodcasts, is the 3rd in a series of 4 about Chinese Festivals. It features a book that promotes language learning through inter-cultural understanding and also contains ideas that can be used independently of the book.  The Scheme of work contains interesting connections to Chang'e 1 the unmanned Chinese lunar orbiter spacecraft named after the moon goddess. How could this not intrigue all children!? It contains a Tang Poem and an associated worksheet. We  have worked hard on this Scheme of Work so why not give it a go.

The SoW provides guidance on reading the book interactively within the Book Guide and provides 7 Activities for the Autumn Moon Festival .

FREE KS2 (age 7-11) Mandarin Chinese Scheme of Work Lesson Plans - Start here

Who should read this?  
-If you are teaching Mandarin Chinese in primary schools or are thinking of doing so
- If you are a teacher in a secondary school and are working or would like to work with your primary feeder schools.
-You are interested in introducing Mandarin Chinese to your school
-You are a HanBan teacher working in a primary school

What is the Scheme of Work?  

All you need to teach Mandarin Chinese to ages 7-11 - Primary School - Years 3,4,5,6, 

FREE KS2 Mandarin Chinese Scheme of Work Lesson Plans - Unit 6: Food and Drink

Before looking at this unit or any other unit of this Scheme of Work, you are advised to read the teachers notes about the Scheme of Work that can be found HERE

Each unit of this Scheme of Work is is designed to be used across a term (if working within a scholastic year of 6 terms or one unit every half term if working with a scholastic year of 3 terms). It is envisaged that children are taught Mandarin Chinese for between 40 minutes and an hour with follow up either by the Chinese teacher or more likely by the class teacher throughout the week.