Resource Review: GCSE Chinese (Sinolingua) - Textbook and Workbook

Tags: Review

Resource Title: GCSE Chinese textbook and workbook (Sinolingua)

Author: Xiaoqi Li

Cost (RRP): Textbook £13.99 and workbook £10.99

Available from: Cypress Books

Resource Review: Discover China

Tags: Review

Resource Title:  Discover China Book 1

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing China 

Cost:  Textbook £29.95. Workbooks £17.50 each.

Easy Steps To Chinese (Textbook) - Independent Review

Tags: Review

Resource Title:  Easy Steps to Chinese (ESC) 1-4 Chinese textbook

Author:  Yamin Ma & Xinying Li

Cost: Textbook £15.95 & Workbook £11.95

Available from

Resource Review: IQ Chinese Go100

Tags: Review

Resource Title: IQChinese Go!100          

Cost (RRP): £27.23 for Go100 Software/£11.99 for Go100 textbook/£11.99 for Go100 workbook

Available from:  IQ Chinese UK/Hua Hsia & CME Books Europe

Resource Review: Max and Mei (The Series)

Tags: Review

Resource Title:  Max and Mei (The Series)

Author:  Martha Keswick and Mariko Jesse