Sport in China - Why China excels in sport

The is part of Teachers TV 'How do they do it' series.

The UK invests millions in sport, with little return in the medals tables. In this programme, the Chinese system for dealing with gifted and talented young sportsmen and women is examined.

PE expert Paul Beashel travels to Shanghai to meet the staff and pupils of a specialist sports college. Here talented children board full time, and train intensively under the expert supervision of specialist PE teachers.

In-school scientists perform dozens of medical tests on pupils and even their parents are examined to determine whether their children are likely to have the right genetic make-up to ensure success at international competition level. The children do well in sporting and academic terms, but the regime is strict and those who don't make the grade are unceremoniously returned to mainstream schools.

It's a fascinating and ultimately successful system, but could the same happen in Britain?