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Thought resources for learning Chinse in school were boring and not as good as for other languages? Then look here to ensure what you buy is the best for your needs. We conduct independent reviews of Chinese textbooks, exam revision guides and online Chinese teaching resources - each has its strengths and weaknesses. Ensure you understand what is best for your class and children learning Mandarin Chinese or about China.

Chinese Transport: A focus on new high speed rail travel

Why not focus on train travel when you next look at major cities or the geography of China?  Use this latest news about the new high speed rail networks being built across China?  After the short briefing below there are a number of possible activities and questions to ask your students.

Resource Review: OCR Chinese - Textbook and Workbook (Asset Languages Breakthrough)

Tags: Review

To view sample pages of the book go HERE 

Resource Title: OCR Chinese: Textbook & Workbook (Book 1)

Author:  Chinese: Textbook & Workbook

Resource Review: Pangu, The Tsunami

Tags: Review

Resource Title: Pangu: The Tsunami

Author:  Martha Keswick, Illustrated by Elvin Ching

Cost (RRP):  £8.99

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