New Edition of China Curriculum from Choices

We have not reviewed this resource. It is not cheap but it does look comprehensive for older students. Wish to review it? Contact us using the tab above.

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They say its academic credentials are what makes this program work...

The Choices Program is a national education initiative developed at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. The Choices Program develops curricula on current and historical international issues and offers workshops, institutes, and in-service programs for high school teachers. Course materials place special emphasis on the importance of educating students in their participatory role as citizens.

Teachers say the collaboration and interaction in Choices units are highly motivating for students. Studies consistently demonstrate that students of all abilities learn best when they are actively engaged with the material. Cooperative learning invites students to take pride in their own contributions and in the group product, enhancing students’ confidence as learners. Research demonstrates that students using the Choices approach learn the factual information presented as well as or better than those using a lecture-discussion format. Choices units offer students with diverse abilities and learning styles the opportunity to contribute, collaborate, and achieve.