Introducing Mandarin at your school

New Primary Chinese Initiative Launched in the UK

About Mandarin Chinese for Primary Schools

Thousands of primary school children in England will benefit from the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese and study Chinese culture as part of the new five-year initiative, Mandarin Chinese for Primary Schools, from the Institute of Education (IOE) funded by HSBC Global Education Programme.
The work of the IOE Confucius Institute for Schools (IOE CI) has focussed predominantly on the development of Mandarin Chinese in secondary schools. Mandarin Chinese for Primary Schools will extend this work to more primary schools in England and develop the most effective ways to teach Chinese language and culture at the primary level.

Language Assistants for Chinese (School Placements): British Council/HSBC Global Education Programme: 2012

The British Council are delighted to offer the unique opportunity for three clusters of two or three schools to have a Chinese Language Assistant (CLA) for the 2012-13 academic year. These CLAs will be fully funded by our partner HSBC Global Education Programme and are available only to schools and academies who are new to teaching Mandarin and have not previously hosted a CLA.

USA: Chinese Language Learning in the Early Grades - A Handbook of Resources and Best Practices for Mandarin Immersion

Are you looking for best practise and resources for teaching early years Mandarin Chinese teaching?

The Asia Society has released an excellent new book (available as a free download): Chinese Language Learning in the Early Grades based on US Mandarin immersion programmes.

Accessing Chinese at your school: Maths using the Abacus (Updated)

Wanting to improve Maths skills in your school?     

Bored of how you teach Maths?

Looking for motivational cross-curricular opportunities in your planning?

UK: First to best and next practice In Mandarin Chinese teaching and learning

Want to know how Mandarin has evolved from first practice to next practice?  What will future Mandarin practice look like?

Why not look at Dr Jill Shepherd’s (The Chinese Staffroom) presentation that she gave at Brighton College Chinese Conference below.   The matrix/table from the group exercise can be downloaded at the bottom of this page as a Word file.

How to recruit the best Chinese teacher in to your school

For a downloadable/printable PDF of this article, please scroll to the bottom and click on the link

What does this cover?  This article covers the following:

·         Deciding what type of teacher to look for

·         Finding a Chinese teacher

Mandarin Chinese - great for children's brain development

Want to understand more about the relationship between Mandarin Chinese as a tonal language, musical ability and ability to learn a language?

The following 3 articles look at these relationships. They all illustrate how learning Chinese is good for children’s brains as they add an additional dimension to other non-tonal languages:

- Learning Mandarin creates plasticity in brain because it is tonal language

How and why is Chinese different? Teaching and learning implications

- Are you wanting to introduce Chinese in your school,  but don't know much about the language?

- Are you a Chinese teacher who finds explaining Chinese to others difficult?

- Are you just interested to learn why Chinese is different from English?

-  Should I be teaching Mandarin or another Chinese ‘variety’/dialect?

How to boost your school's Chinese profile in the community - UK Dartford Grammar School’s 2nd China Night

What was the event? Dartford Grammar School’s second annual China Night was a China themed evening in which students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning of Chinese language and culture to their parents, guardians and members of the local community. It was also a celebration of Dartford Grammar School’s new status as a Confucius classroom. All pupils of Mandarin at DGS were invited to attend and perform, culminating in over one hundred pupils (from years seven to thirteen) performing and over two hundred guests in attendance.

The Tiger Primary Chinese integrated Free School: Is this Confucius Classroom Next Practice in the UK?

New Line Learning Academy  are developing the next generation of school teaching Chinese in the UK- The Tiger Primary School.

- It co-teaches Mandarin and English from young?

- Integrates elements of Chinese approach to numeracy and music

- Allows for good transition into KS3 and KS4 Chinese at the academies New Line Learning and Cornwalls

- Makes the most of the schools Chinese teaching faculty available in the other academies and through HanBan funding?


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