Oral & pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese

Teaching Chinese Online: a good cost-effective solution?

Read on to see if this works for you /your schools  and/or to make sure you are up to date with the latest pedagogy changes.

Why online?

- You would like to have Chinese in your school but you’re remote from teachers/other schools teaching Chinese?

- You are a school that can’t justify, for whatever reasons, recruiting your own Mandarin teacher?

Mandarin Chinese - great for children's brain development

Want to understand more about the relationship between Mandarin Chinese as a tonal language, musical ability and ability to learn a language?

The following 3 articles look at these relationships. They all illustrate how learning Chinese is good for children’s brains as they add an additional dimension to other non-tonal languages:

- Learning Mandarin creates plasticity in brain because it is tonal language

Using FREE ICT resource Voki in the Classroom: Motivatating pupils to improve Chinese speaking/listening

Are you using motivational opportunities for your pupils to practise speaking Chinese?

Are you looking for ways to simply assess your pupils speaking Chinese?

Are you using cool, free, easy-to-use ICT applications that are fun and engaging for you pupils?

Do you want to add a new skill to your c.v. by improving your ICT competencies? 

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